One of my favourite places to be is the city.

Probably because I don’t live in a city. And we always seem to love or want what we don’t have. But regardless, I love it. The noise, the chaos, the traffic, the lights, the shops, the choice, the buildings. The city is very alive, its like it breathes and it leaves me buzzing. I suppose for an easily bored person, the city would call to me. There’s just so much to see, so much to explore; and because of that I am drawn to 17th ave in Calgary. If you’ve never been its a lovely street full of parks in the heart of the city. Its full of people busking, people eating, dog walkers, fancy cars, the homeless, hipsters, business folk; cafes and patios and one of a kind consignment stores and shops.

Each one is an adventure.

The trip was a quick one, but as fate would have it, just what I needed. I walked into a shop I had eyed up every time we drove down 17th, called Fallen Angel Creations from Above. There are two gemstone stores on 17th I know of and this one is my favourite, despite its smaller size and smaller selection; theres just a different ambiance in this place. I felt like I was being pulled from the street by a lasso of energy. Of course I couldn’t resist.

Mila and I scoured the small shop. Mila loved the mermaid decor on display, the hanging art and any crystal within reach. She wanted to explore upstairs, although there was nothing up there. I waited for her at the bottom, near a display of pendulums. Mila came down smiling.

“Hi Mommy! Look!” she exclaimed and I followed where her finger pointed. Beside me a pendulum was swinging near my head as if to say HEY TAKE ME HOME! The others were still, but this one, a dog tooth Amethyst was going crazy. I picked it up and held it, my hand was pulsing, almost aching, the cone swinging again, seemingly vibrating with energy.

Naturally, I bought it.

As I paid for my new, unexpected treasure the lady read my angel number.

You and your spiritually based career are supported in all ways by the angels.

Good to know, I thought. Especially when the night before I was begging for a sign to the question thats been burning inside of me for nearly two years, WHAT IS MY PURPOSE?! 

I feel like I know what it is, but my mind is arguing that “it will never make money.” Or  “thats ridiculous. get a real job. use what you went to school for. quit wasting money chasing silly dreams.”

And yet my heart, and my angels are saying why not, why not, why not?

I went home later, surrendering on the mat. I drug myself to my meditation pillow going through the motions of my little ritual. Incense lit, salt lamp ON, music playing, mala in hand. Inhale. Exhale Recite my mantra 108 times, finger slipping from bead to bead. Inhale. Exhale.

I then decided to pull my own card from my Archangel deck. Gentle shuffle. Which one is calling?

“Career Transition”

Your life purpose is triggering a blessed career change.

Okay. Long exhale. I get it.

And just like that I rest easy again. The Universe is always speaking to you, giving you signs and giving you direction if you ever feel lost. But for a long time I chose not to notice the signs, or follow them, or revere them as anything more than coincidence. Things still worked out of course. But my mind was wild and crazy, lost and frustrated until they did. Now knowing what I know and trusting in what I know; that I am supported, heard, and seen, I am at ease. So, it brings me to ask you, would you live differently if you knew you were being supported?

How differently would you dream if you knew you were being taken care of, and heard? How differently would you live if you knew you were being guided to the best experiences that were meant to nourish your soul, no matter how challenging they were? Would you trust a little more in that gut feeling, or the calm voice that tells you to surrender, let go of control, to just go for it?

I can certainly say I dream different. My dreams are much more vibrant and fearless. I get caught up at times in what my head is telling me, but I always find a way to turn back to love and listen to my heart. That is just a tiny miracle in all the miracles that make up my life. My only hope is the next time you find yourself wondering, or feeling alone, or questioning what to listen to I hope you remember the Universe is there for you, I hope you feel your intuition, I hope you hear your heart whispering. That you listen to that whisper and that you take a leap of faith because your heart is always right.

sat nam


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  • qqqqqqqq says:

    Your musing are not amusing

    • Mikala says:

      Sorry that this didn’t resonate with you like it did with me and others. I prefer to write thought provoking material versus writing for pure entertainment. I suppose if that’s what you’re looking for the entirety of Instagram should fulfil your needs.



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