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  • saturday from hell
  • saturday from hell
  • saturday from hell

saturday from hell

So I took my kids to this live action concert today starring Mike the Knight, Franklin, Max&Ruby and the Backyardigans…a.k.a an uncomfortable amount of men in tights. I had this feeling sitting through it would be like a lunch date in the 7th circle of hell but what I didn’t know was this day was only beginning.

My kids started the day as they normally do when we have to be somewhere by a certain time. Fighting, crying, misbehaving. I tried my best to be patient and get through it the gentle way, I swear I did, but we are going on day four of Asher incessantly whining all day everyday, and I’m not sure why. Anyway. I ended up losing my shit and sitting outside with my phone while they pounded on the door. I bawled to my husband begging him to make it stop. I feel bad because I can’t imagine what it’s like being on the other end and not being able to do a thing really help.

Eventually I got my shit together and went inside and carried on with the day. They eventually parted ways, Mila downstairs and Asher to his sister’s room to mess shit up and I was left in the peace. The drive up was relatively uneventful until I stopped to use the restroom at Chapters. I considered a Starbucks and a book for later. Or a new tarot deck I hadn’t decided yet.

I decided to forgo the starbies because I was getting one later after the show. And I realized how little time I had to look for a book so we ended up peeing and rushing back to the car; where the most bullshit happened.

I locked my fucking keys in my car. With my kids. And phone. And everything. I screamed and pounded on the van windows. I checked all the doors and told the kids to stay calm. A lady watched this whole ordeal and I yelled in desperation, as if she might have a magic fob within her granny purse to somehow fix this whole situation “I locked my keys in my car!” And she just said “oh dear,” her face all scrunched with empathy and kept walking. My mouth fell open as I watched her make a beeline for the entrance and not turn back. I flagged down another lady and she let me use her phone to find a locksmith. I couldn’t hardly understand the guy but he said he was on his way.

I tried to keep the kids calm whilst waiting. My teeth chattering my legs shaking in the sub zero temps. And yes. I bring winter gear when traveling but that too was in the car.
Mila begged me to “just open the door mommy,”
“I can’t honey it’s locked,”
“Oh noooo!” She wailed. “You got to get the KEY!”
“I know honey. It’s okay. Someone’s coming to help,” I said and she continued to cry while Asher, having already been crying for 10mins could only sniffle and try and catch his breath.

Omar or whatever his name was, showed up and 2mins and $100 later we were in the car heading to the concert. We showed up just as the first half was completed and the start of the intermission.

Out of mommy guilt and desperation to turn the day around I bought the kids these magic wands for ten bucks each (each) that light up. They thought they were cool but I felt as if though I may or may not have a seizure at any moment. I also had several WTF moments on the way home when I thought I was being pulled over but it really was just the flashing of the lights in the wands.

We made it home safe though. We got our Starbucks (actually it was 2nd Cup barf), we visited a good friend soon to be mommy, whom we gifted all of Mila’s old clothes to, and I learned a valuable lesson to never put my keys down unless I’m in the damn car. One that, unfortunately I was just reminding myself of when the whole thing went down. But we made it. It sucked. It passed. I vented. And I’m moving on. It is Sunday, my day of lovely relaxation and self care, and I have all day to do it.

Wishing you all a lovely Sunday.

sat nam


my Big Magic moment

my Big Magic moment

I’ve just had a Big Magic moment, and like a school girl who has just got a boyfriend I had to come running to tell you all. If you don’t already know, Big Magic is a book by Elizabeth Gilbert, where she discusses creativity and its flow within us all. She talks about how ideas work and how creativity functions. How we are ALL creative beings, but that some of us just say YES to the assignment and some say NO.

Well today I felt that familiar buzz similar to the caffeinated feeling after too many lattes and went running. I tried typing but felt like I was going upstream, concentrating on spelling and grammar and so I ditched the electronics and snatched up my journal and pen. I let myself write and write and write and let whatever wanted to come out flow freely. I realized the medium in which I wanted to express my creativity mattered. I don’t know if that is in the book or not, I’m not there yet, but that was my experience. My Magic flows from me through a pen to paper more efficiently, more authentically than from me to the keyboard to the document.

What can I say, I’ve always been a bit old fashioned.

But what happened today is nothing short of magic. I am excited for all the fun things that will be coming OUR way to Mikala’s Musings, so I hope you are too, dear reader. That is of course, as long as I don’t let ego and fear kick me down. But I have faith. I’m not done the book yet. Surely that is in there somewhere? And if not, I have said YES to the task and that, I know, is all the confirmation that the Universe needs.

sat nam


  • story weaver
  • story weaver
  • story weaver

story weaver

I will never forget the first time my attention was brought to my ability to weave a story. I’m not meaning the ones for entertainment, but the ones where an experience happens and a story begins to be written, or a movie begins to play and before you know it you’re fifty years in the future with everything figured out.

I used to close my eyes and play out whatever it was that was on my mind. A boy, a dream vacation, a fight with someone and words I would never have the courage to spit out. In the mean time as these thoughts were woven, my concepts about these people or myself were shifting as well. Like in the instance of my first attempts at a daily mindful practice. The first few were great, I was practicing all I had learned in the books I just finished. I was working through frustrations and attack thoughts positively and mindfully. But then BAM- one day I struggled. I just couldn’t get out of my head. I couldn’t be mindful. I couldn’t stop the attack thoughts; and instantly I drummed up a story that I was entirely broken, unable to be ZEN or MINDFUL or be ANYTHING for that matter. I had some internal flaw that was going to dictate the rest of my life and I had labelled myself a failure. I propelled myself into the future, surrounded by stuff but utterly miserable, divorced, alone, and angry. I would never be successful, I would never achieve my dreams, and I should just GIVE UP.

Yes. Over one bad meditation attempt. Melodramatic? Maybe. But what happened and how I felt? Yes. Entirely truthful, you know I would never lie to you, dear reader. I may be a lot of things, a little weird, a little confusing when it comes to taste, but a liar, I am not nor ever will be.

But what I have since discovered and learned to cultivate is that meditation is not to simply stop thinking, or stop feelings, which I believe is a huge misconception about meditation. But instead the purpose is just to shine the light of awareness on my thoughts and actions. Have thoughts, but do not lose myself to them.

These stories are only thoughts. The all consuming drama and energy sapping movie reels playing inside my head are nothing more than concepts. And my experience in reminding myself, “these are only thoughts, these are only concepts and snap shot moments,” is relief. These are not real, these do not define me; they are passing and transitory the same way clouds are.

The end result is space. More space for breath. More space for relaxation. More space for beautiful moments that are happening before me, but that once went unnoticed because the light of awareness was shining elsewhere.

So heres to finding and making space on this fabulous Sunday morning. Wishing you all the coffee, cuddles and wooly socks today.

sat nam


day of love

day of love

Valentines Day. There is a lot of controversy about this Holiday. Some say its not even a real holiday, its all a cash grab. I don’t know a lot of people that really love it. Singletons hate it. Valentines Day is just another day for most and who doesn’t love February 15th and all the discounted chocolate?


But I think everyone wants to be loved and to love someone; so I think Valentines Day is important and deserves a little more credit. I think it is a good reminder to open your heart, not just for romantic love, but just for the sake of spreading love itself.

I am writing this not because I am happily married and get a bunch of stuff on Valentines, quite contraire (the stuff part, not the happily married part) but because I just love, LOVE. I suppose if I identified with a religion it would be Love. I think we need more of it in the world. And I wanna spread it to all.

Also, once upon a time, I really hated watching people happily in love, because it made me feel unloveable, awkward, a bit like a leper and lonely. I passed a lot of judgement,

Their relationship probably sucks.

It’s all a façade.



But really, I wanted love and all that goes with it. No one wants to be alone. But because I was pushing it all away, refusing love, and closing up the space in my heart for love energetically; there was no room for it and it never came. Not until I changed my perspective on the whole love thing.

One of my favourite quotes goes something like this;


“The light you see in others

is the light you see in yourself”


So each time I passed judgment upon someone, I was reflecting my own inner thoughts about myself. Take a moment and think about this. What does your internal conversation, and attack thoughts about others say? Does this reflect an internal struggle you have, or a personal fear? It did for me. My fears of never having a legitimate relationship or honest relationship. My judgments about people where I scoffed “how are THEY in a relationship?” reflected my belief I was unloveable too.

Each time I felt envy and anger towards someone that HAD the love I wished to have, this was dissolving that experience from coming to me and perpetuated this sadness within.

I decided one day that enough was enough. That I was enough and that the love I did have in my life, although not romantic, was enough too. I expressed gratitude for all the love I had, from my mom, my dad, my cats, my friends. I opened my heart, energetically made space for more love, and I said Thank you.

I sent love to everyone and everything I could think of in my head. If I saw a couple out for dinner, I sent a message of love to them. I encouraged their love and growth. Of course my old habits of attack thoughts and bitterness still raised its ugly head, I won’t butter that up for you. It was still there. And it got ugly at times. But I told myself that it was okay.

It is okay to have that experience. It is okay to be sad to be lonely or single on Valentines Day. It is okay that I feel envy for those receiving chocolates and flowers.

I validated my feelings. I labelled them and shouted them out and wrote them down. I let myself feel. Instead of averting away from the pain. And because I felt it, fully, I was aware. I did not shy away, I did not sweep it under a rug. It came and went like all emotions, and then it was done. I let it happen, but I did not let it poison and colour my thoughts in regards to love.

Because Love really is amazing. There is so much power behind the energy of Love. It has the power to heal, to comfort, to protect. Love is strong. Love is beautiful.

So on this day, this wonderful day of pink and red, chocolates and flowers; I encourage you to instead extend love. Make space. Open your heart. Nurture love, grow it. View yourself not as a singleton, but  as a being of Love and be a lighthouse of loving energy.

LOVE and LIGHT to everyone, Happy Valentines Day.



big news and the suffering of change

big news and the suffering of change

We just got hit with some BIG news. Life changing. No babies, I promise. I’m still not getting a solid 8 hours at night and I feel thats a requirement for adding another. But life as we know it has changed.

For many years of my life I fought change. I avoided unpleasant feelings, and I tried to hold desperately onto beautiful moments that, like everything else is transitory. I wanted to defy the laws of nature by manipulating my life around me so to avoid pain, to avoid emptiness, and prolong peace.

I realized this illusion of control, and my obsessive desire to be in control was causing me great suffering, more than the actual fleeting event, or sorrow I was experiencing; because due to the human condition, it was inevitable that moments would wane and fade. Pleasure would come and go.

I made the choice to instead let my life flow in the direction it wanted to. I took cues from my body, what made me happy, at ease? What was making me tick? And slowly, I was able to let go, and trust that it was all working towards a greater cause. I trusted that my spirit would guide me to the things, people, events, I needed to nurture me on my journey. As time wore on I began to see that it was in fact true; I was having insane synchronicities, I was meeting people and having conversations, finding books I needed to read at exactly the right time. The more this happened, the more my belief deepened, and the more I was able to let go. 

The more I let go, the more I discovered that the opposite of control is not chaos, it is freedom.

Although I am wary of sharing too much of our big news until it is complete, I can’t help but validate it in attempt to live it, believe it, because I feel that solidifies it into the now. With this news our dreams are one step closer to reality. All that we have been manifesting and dreaming and working towards the last few years are becoming real. It is mind blowing, life assuring, numbing, beautiful, crazy. All in all, it confirms for me that yes, I am being taken care of, and no dream is too big. So dream on I will.

sat nam




asher turns one part II

asher turns one part II

He came into this world quickly. I vividly remember looking at the clock and seeing it was 1:23 when we got to the top of the hill outside the valley we live in. 15 minutes from the city I was seriously considering pulling over and calling an Ambulance, as per requested by my OB, but I felt there wasn’t enough time to wait for them. This baby was going to come soon.

We arrived around 3;00; just enough time to get to our room when things started getting heavy. The primal instincts a woman has while giving birth began to take over. The rocking, the moaning, the twisting, the constant discomfort riding the waves of contractions. And 36 minutes later there he was his tiny 5lb 14 oz body, pitiful weak cries. I observed him while I could as he laid at the foot of the bed for a time, for delayed cord clamping. He was brought to the warmer where he was assessed; he had a frighteningly low apgar score of 1 at birth and a 4 at five minutes.

He was brought to me, his bow furled, eyes glaring, nostrils flaring and stared. I got the impression he was mildly underwhelmed with everything. Strange, considering his entrance into the world was nothing short of a whirlwind.


Because of his gestational age and his difficulties breathing due to transient tachypnea, critically low glucose and a loud heart murmur to boot- he was whisked away to the NICU where he would be until he was 8 days old. It was only eight days, but it was hard. They crawled by. It was constantly an adjustment. From settling into my room in the L&D ward, waking to the sound of babies crying and blindly looking for my own until I realized where I was. Setting alarms to pump every three hours and walking my little syringes of colostrum down the hall, around the corner, down another hall, across the corridor, through the Pediatrics Unit and into the NICU to our pod. To eventually walking from the RMH through the snow and ice, through the hospital, up to the second floor, down the hall, to the Pediatrics Unit…at all hours of the day and night.


My husband and daughter were at home; my husband feeling anxious due to a lack of nothing to do but wait, constant waiting, and my daughter due to a lung infection. She was banned from the NICU and RMH, and understandably so. They stayed home to get her well for when we made the big move home.
Those eight days were spent mostly skin-to-skin, pumping, wolfing food down as fast as I could and rushing back to his side. I had few visitors, but cherished when I did. It got incredibly lonely and I hardly left that ward.

Asher stayed true to his nature and surprised us in the NICU with how well he did. Each day he surged forward and never made a step back. His glucose stabilized and his heart murmur thankful was resolved- his pediatrician was prepping us for EKG’s and potential surgery. He shook his head and said in his 25 years as a Ped, he had only twice had a baby with that loud of a murmur that resolved normally. We just counted our blessings.


He ripped his fourth NG tube out a few days later, and we decided to see how he would nurse. He had always tolerated his feeds, but sometimes needed a topping up, or would be too sleepy at his next scheduled feed after a nursing session and the NG feed was a break for him. He stayed strong, and even took to a bottle at night, allowing me to get a solid four hours sleep versus having to traverse through the wintery weather to nurse him.


I spent my 23rd birthday in the NICU with him, where he gave his first ‘gas’ smile. I was surprised with a lovely Valentines card made by his nurses. And what better day to go home than on Family day, which was what we did.


Asher’s first year started off challenging and continued throughout. I was pushed to my limits. I learned more than I ever thought I could, and persevered past anything I ever had before. I really do believe that our greatest transformations happen during our greatest struggles, which I feel happened here.

I don’t feel like the same person as I did last year. I feel like I zipped myself out of that body, and stepped into another. I’m more at home than I ever have been. I’m happier, positive, excited for life, a feeling I cannot recall in having for a very long time.

So while I felt driven to my limit, I am eternally grateful for all I endured, because the seeds I sowed through it all have grown. And the fruit it bears turns out to be pretty damn sweet.

I can’t imagine my life without you; all your seriousness, and all your sensitivity. The calculating, observing nature you possess. I’ve always loved that you saved your smiles for me.


Happy Birthday Darling.


*ps I cannot for the life of me figure out why my photos are magically rotating, so forgive my crap technology skills*

asher turns one part I

asher turns one part I

It’s that time of year again. One of those moments that make you sit down, a little numb, in quiet disbelief that another year has passed. Big events such as my babies’ birthdays, my wedding anniversary, the day we bought our first house together…they all bring me to my knees a little. Make me thankful for all we have endured, for all I have learned, for all that is to come.

My baby is one today. And I don’t quite know how to take it. You may already know that he came to us early; in many ways. He was a bit of a surprise if you will. I wasn’t ‘ready’ to be expecting again, so it was a complete shock…but there he was, bouncing on the screen, little heart a flutter and it was magical; I knew it would be okay. I continued to be surprised again, when the doctor accidentally let us know the gender at my 35 week appointment. And again, when my water broke in the wee early morning hours of February 8th, 2015 at 35weeks 4 days gestation.

Life has a way of sending you exactly what you need before you even know you need it; and I’d say my boy has been exactly that for me. Asher has made me question everything about myself, every decision I have made. He has forced me to evolve by challenging me in every facet of my life. Because of him I have nurtured my gentle, patient and compassionate sides. I have slowed down, immensely in my day-to-day life. He shook me right to my core, causing me to ask all the questions I needed to ask to set me up for the rest of my life. Little Mila, she was only the beginning, the spark of it all, and Asher was the catalyst.

Thank you my Asher-boy for picking me to be your mummy. For encouraging me to metamorphose into the person I am now. I am eternally grateful for you, and your dear sister. I love you more than I could ever say.

Flu Busters Part II

Flu Busters Part II

Flu “season” is a drag. But its even worse when you have children. Small children. They don’t really know how to blow their nose that well, they cough everywhere and infect everyone else and they can’t aim when it comes to blowing chunks. For Mila’s first two years of life she was sick less than five times, and only had the stomach flu at age 9 months for about four hours. I wish I could say I had kept her in a bubble, but alas, I was at every available play group several times a week, and was out of the house at least once a day. Last year was particularly awful, as well as the beginning of this one. Fortunately things seemed to have turned a corner and no one has been sick since the beginning of December (knocking on wood because I woke up this morning feeling a cold coming on, but I brought out the big guns and am ready to take this on!)

Below are tried and tested tips for flu fighting!


Essential Oils

Thieves Oil as some of you may know it as, or just a clove blend is antiviral. I diffuse it for the kids, and I even ingest it if I am getting sick (I put a drop on a spoonful of my honey&cinnamon and choke it down. Warning, this is powerful stuff, it burns, do not give it to the kids!)

If you wish to use it on your kids, either diffuse it, or make a salve for their feet. It can be an irritant when used topically, but I personally have not had any issues, but I am wary. I use one drop per 15 drops of carrier oil, which is enough for one child. I rub it into the soles of their feet before bed, and put socks on for the night. I have had great success with this, and recently I actually blended Thieves and epsom salts for a salt bath.

Other essential oils I use for colds and flus are Peppermint and Eucalyptus. I diffuse these, using 4 drops of peppermint and 8 drops of eucalyptus in the kids bedrooms. My daughter is especially bothered by coughing, and this helps her  through the night.



I use a combination of cough suppressants. The Stodal Honey cough syrup as well as the KIDS 0-9 brand of nighttime cough. There are some doubles to the ingredients, but she only gets the one dose of the nighttime syrup. For Asher he can only have the nighttime syrup as I avoid honey for the first 18 months. *Pictured bottom left and bottom right.

The Kids 0-9 all in one sinus has also been quite effective. *Top left

Of course, if I suspect pain, or any inflammation in the sinus cavities, I will give a dose of Tylenol, so they can sleep pain free. *Top right

Another useful remedy is of course Vapo-Rub, which I am sure all of you used as kids and adults. I don’t know why it works to suppress coughing, I have asked health professionals and they didn’t know either, but it helps with coughing if spread on the feet and covered with socks. Don’t ask, just do it.  Of course to help with breathing when spread thickly on the back and chest, and I even put a little under my nose if I’m congested. *Pictured in the middle.


Massage and Touch Therapy

Sinus Massage

These feel so good when you have a sinus cold. When I lie down with Mila before bed and she has the sniffles, I give her a good facial massage to help drain her sinuses. You can apply pressure in a press and hold technique, with your finger tips from the bridge of the nose and then work your way out across the cheeks bones. The same from the bridge of the nose, across the eyebrows to the temples and back. Do a circular motion in these areas and don’t be afraid to use some pressure, of course as long as there is no pain. This is not really something you can do wrong, and it feels good, so just experiment and follow the cues of your child. You’ll be able to tell if the pressure is too deep if they are moving away or flinching or can tell you.

I have tried the Nose Freda a.k.a snot sucker. It has three pieces to it, a mouth piece, a nose piece and a little filter. You place the nose piece at the base of babe’s nose, insert the mouth piece into your mouth and suck. The filter prevents any snot from going through. It is available at Baby’s R US, and although I thought it was a bit pricey, you’ll find it is worth every penny the first runny nose your baby has. (also a super awesome baby gift!)



I wish I had tips for the stomach flu, but its really just survival at that point. Chicken broth, bananas, popsicles, plain potato chips, apple juice mixed with water. Movies. Blankets. Warm baths. Cuddles. And bleach. Anything to survive.

I usually line the floor with towels, or a large blanket. Makes for an easy clean up. Vomiting is terrifying for littles, so instead of shoving their heads in a bucket you can use the tub, or just lean them over the towels/blankets. Swiftly clean with bleach, and wash your hands (duh.)

Serious signs of dehydration are no wet diapers in 24 hours, brown or dark urine, no tears when they cry, and a sticky dry mouth. If your baby or toddler is exhibiting these signs, is listless, and has been vomiting seriously for more than 24 hours, you need to take them in to get fluids and to be assessed. Thankfully I have not had to do this, but in Asher’s first few days home from the NICU, Mila had caught a nasty bug and we were damn close to having to take her in.

These are tried and true techniques, and I wish you all the luck in the world with your Sickies. Good luck Mommas!




**This post is not sponsored in any way by the brands above, I just really love them!




Flu Busters Part I

Flu Busters Part I

I broke up my Flu Busters Post into two because it was LONG and wordy. This first half is dedicated mostly to prevention. Whereas the second half is mostly for the kids for when they do get inflicted with the flu. You can find it here.



On top of just a regular healthy diet, I try to include a fruit and veggie packed smoothie or fresh juice every other day (I’d do daily, but then the diapers get out of hand.)

My favourite smoothie at the moment is;

Blueberry Banana Smoothie

2C Frozen Blueberries

1 half thawed Banana

Handful of spinach

Splash of Almond or other alternative milk

2Tbsp of Hemp Hearts or Chia seeds.

Blend and enjoy!

Mighty Kale Juice

3-4 Kale leaves

1 Green Apple

1 Pear

1 Cucumber

1 Piece of Ginger, peeled

1 Lemon, peeled


My daughter squeals when she sees me pull out the juicer, and is so stoked to help make juice. Even my husband will drink this juice recipe. Play around with the ingredients. Trade out a pear for an orange. Cucumber for celery or kale for spinach. Sky’s the limit!

I love juicing, especially on an empty stomach, because your body wastes no time on digestion and your stomach absorbs the nutrients nearly instantly. So awesome.



Another early morning ritual I have is my hot lemon and ginger tea. I peel a knob of ginger and crush it in my pestle and mortar, where it then steeps in boiled water with some lemon. I add a touch of honey and sip it before my morning oatmeal. Every since I started doing this I have not only gotten sick once this season- I have also FOUGHT off colds. Like, my throat aches, my head hurts, my nose is getting stuffier by the second; so I chase cup after cup of my tea, get some rest, wake up in the morning and I feel great.


Vitamin D. And I’m not talking 400 iu. I’m talking 4000+ for me and 2000 for the kids.  It is winter time people, and where I live, I do not see the sun enough. So I really like to ramp up my vitamin intake, and same with the kids. They  get no less than 1000 iu a day anyway, and in the winter I will even try to sneak in another 1000. Vitamin D is essential in immune health, and not to mention with fighting the winter blues. I just use a dropper, where each drop contains 1000 units. Its easy to give to the kids, as well as for myself. *Pictured on the right.


I take this homeopathic remedy if I feel a cold coming on. You take two every two hours as needed, until symptoms subside. I have only ever had to take a few before I start feeling better. (It contains Arnica, Gelsemium, Eupatorium, Rhus-tox, Belladonna, Aconit, and Bryonia) *Pictured on the left.


Honey and cinnamon. I’m sure you’ve heard of this before. When I first saw it I was a bit skeptical, but was super sick and my throat was on fire and thought hey what the hell do I have to lose? And now? I’m hooked. Both honey and cinnamon or anything in the clove family are antiseptic. It tastes great, and really works. Not only for sore throats, but just to fight off colds. I take a tablespoon  of honey, heat it in the microwave, and sprinkle cinnamon on top. I then just eat it off the spoon, but I suppose you could just eat cinnamon and honey toast too! This is great for kids over the age of one as a super antiviral breakfast!

Find my next post here.


Today was quite peculiar.  It started off…not how I would have liked it to. Lots of tears, whining and a bit of anger bubbling. By midday, I was almost laughing at my misfortune, it was almost getting ridiculous.

After the shenanigans of the morning involving the kids, I found I had failed to actually start the dish washer the night before. A few hours later I came into the kitchen, found it smelled awful. Like someone was burning contaminated wood or maybe oil or plastic or something. I looked outside to see who it may be. Then I caught a whiff and it was certainly inside. I just gasped “oh no…” and opened the dish washer. A huge cloud of smoke filled the kitchen and I frantically waved it away, coughing, praying it wasn’t on fire.

It wasn’t. But the remnants of Mila’s snack cup lid lay on the bottom, melted over the element, a small pool of molten plastic stuck beneath it.

Shortly after I was barfed on by Asher. Just a random 12 month old spit up (he hasn’t much but seems to when he is teething. Mila was the same. Being slightly upside down didn’t help either.)

Nap time rolled around and I was silently thanking the Gods. Sweet Jesus I needed a tea and quiet time. I ended up falling asleep while cuddling Mila. I woke, startled, hopped out of bed and into my own for a little stretching out relaxation time. I was just about to turn on an episode of Making a Murderer when I heard her cries from the bedroom.

“Mommy. I’m all wet. My beds all wet!”


Weeks waking up dry at night and weeks of no pull-ups at naps but today, of course.

I stripped the bed and just kind of laughed. I wondered what could possibly be next.

Lets just say I didn’t dare cook supper.