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Mandala   Man•da•lah

a geometric figure representing the Universe

Mandala means circle in Sanskrit. It represents wholeness, unity, togetherness. It is a reminder of our infinity into the cosmos. It reminds us how we are all one. That the light in me is the light in you. That we all are of the same energy, created from the same place of Love.

Mandalas can be used to tell a story; your story, and illustrate your journey as you make our way through your days.

Mandalas are used in meditation, to absorb one into the design, to set intentions, and then pray to manifest them. They are used to calm the mind, let the mundane thoughts slip away and focus in to your true self.

I get questioned lots on ‘how does this help? how could this possibly make the world better? how does prayer do anything?”

And it is the fundamental aspect of unity, the change of self , that makes a difference. Because when the Ego falls away, when judgment, comparison, and separation of self dissipates, and we see everyone for what they are: A Soul, the same as us- a miracle happens. Think, if everyone thought to see each other a beings of Love instead of labels – how beautiful a place would we live in?

Its hard to change the world, but its easier to change yourself. So start there. Set the intentions of love, peace and compassion and they will ripple out into the Universe. This ripple will reflect back, as the Universe is an echo, leaving miracles and peace in its wake.

sat nam


(mandala dress by California Moonrise)

  • reiki level 1
  • reiki level 1

reiki level 1

At the beginning of August I attended my first Reiki course. If you’re unsure what Reiki it, it is a flow of energy within us all, our life force, which can be harnessed and directed for healing. As children we naturally connect to this energy quite easily but as we age, become hardened and closed off, we slowly lose the ability to tap in as swiftly and as powerfully as we once did. So at a Reiki course you are introduced once again and attuned to the energy in order to practice this ancient healing art again.

I have known of Reiki since I was a child and was always unsure of it. I was closed off to the idea of other people manipulating my energy, what if something went wrong and they ruined it? I learned this weekend, it doesn’t really work like that. Basically the practitioner is a channel that directs Reiki into you, and your own Reiki already knows exactly where it needs to flow to support you. It’s something everyone has and can do, and needs! Also something I was unaware of. I thought only “special people” could do Reiki. I began to open more to the idea of Reiki as I moved deeper into what I feel is my gift. With that shift, I have become extremely sensitive to energy work as well as any imbalances I have in myself and others.

I have become very sensitive to my environment, gemstones and people. I know I am a sponge when it comes to energy, and highly intuitive, but it was beginning to become a bit of a problem. I stay at home, I try to avoid large crowds. The mall and parties used to be my happy place, a place I felt energized and it now leaves me exhausted. When the world bleeds, I bleed. My heart gets heavy and I retreat into my home, my safe place and contemplate the world while I struggle to heal.

My intention in learning Reiki was to learn to control the energy around me and protect myself on an energetic level. I wanted to heal myself, my children, and honestly, my plants! I wanted one more tool in my healing tool box to grow my spirit on this journey. And boy, did I ever grow.

I never thought I would change so much in one weekend. Upon entering a deep meditative state I met my Reiki Spirit Guide who turned out to be my Grandmother who passed 42 years ago. I have written about her before and the tragedy surrounding her life in my Postpartum Depression posts. As I walked towards her in my meditation, surrounded by towering trees, her short black hair and black caftan confusing me for a moment as I was unsure who it was. She reached her arm up and I saw her olive skin clearly. I stood by her side and the hand reaching up found mine and there she grasped my hand in hers.

She told me she was my guide in this life. That she’s been with me on and off for years, but every day in the last year since my own battle with depression. She told me, “I fell through the cracks, but I wasn’t going to let that happen to you.”

She told me she communicates in roses. They are her symbol, she embodies them. I immediately thought back to a rose I once had that just would. not. die. It was nearly there, in the water for a month. And off the side of the rose grew a new leaf, a new life. I remember staring at it and wondering, “who is here with me?” Even my mother, also very intuitive, asked who was watching over me.

I then remembered the rose bush my dad picked out and recently planted, which I remembered thinking was really really odd. He isn’t a gardener. He doesn’t really do those types of things. She told me she guided him to it. He bought it for her, so she could communicate with him. Along with that message she had other messages for my dad which I have since passed on to him.

I couldn’t help but believe in this encounter and message from roses, as strange as this is to most people. As I journaled my experience in the other room following my meditation, complete quiet enveloping the house as another student received an attunement and I waited for my own; the front door slowly creaked open. No wind. No one else outside. All of us heard it. All of us equally confused, but all of us feeling the extra person in the room. We knew we were not alone. I knew. My hands vibrating, my heart pounding as I stared at the open door.

And of course, the next day as I came into the house there on the table was a bouquet of pink roses on the table. Gifted to our teacher from another student, all of them unaware of my experience the previous day, my deep connection to roses. Some would call it a coincidence…but in my heart I knew it wasn’t. It was a gift, a message, the loudest I LOVE YOU- I SEE YOU- I have ever received.

This weekend was empowering and transformational. I grew together with two other women, and deepened my relationship with my friend and teacher Sara (you can find her here at @LiveWellMyLove.)

Since my training I have been exploring my new gift and experiencing more shifts. I feel content. I trust, finally, in the plan the Universe has for me. I feel comfortable in just letting things happen. I see signs all the time, and I am incredibly open to trying new things. Exploring what interests me, letting go of what didn’t work or no longer serves me, and moving on to something else; without guilt. Without struggle.  And that alone is a beautiful thing, enough to know that my choice in learning Reiki was a divinely guided experience.

What is the Universe encouraging you to do? What interests you? I hope this posts gives you the courage to try something new and possibly find a piece of yourself in the process. All the love and light to you, Dear Reader.

sat nam




I grew up in a small town, tucked away in a valley in the foothills. The stores closed at six, there was a few restaurants, and only one grocery store. I spent my days playing in a field behind my house, until we moved and I had a forest instead to play in. I climbed 80 foot spruce trees, collected little treasures from the forest most of it in my hair, played in the creek, and always, always came home absolutely filthy. Once in awhile we trekked to the city, for dental appointments back to school clothes and to go to Wal Mart (it was a big deal back then.) Every time we went we begged to go the to the studio and see Rick.

The studio was formally called the Rock and Gem Studio, and while I forget the name of the street it was on, my feet can take me there even today. I knew we were headed there next just by the way the car swayed with turns. I’d name the stores as they passed by my window, anxiously waiting. I always thought magic was a bit made up…my mum did everything she could to keep it alive, to keep us believing in faeries and santa and whatnot; but this place really sealed it for me and had me believing magic was real. The air buzzed when you walked in, five steps down into a basement suite. The lights were low, floors wooden, gemstones everywhere, out in the open to touch and feel. The gentleman who ran it, Rick, was the epitome of magic.

Here we learned about all the treasures of the earth. He would tour us about his store, excitedly grabbing different clusters, “you HAVE to feel this one!” he would say and would wrap our fingers around it. We would leave, pockets brimming with Tiger’s Eye and Rose Quartz and Black Tourmaline. Our necks adorned with jewels, wrists jingling. It was here my brother created incredible jewelry, a wolf howling over a piece of Moonstone he carved and polished for hours. It was here I received my first Amethyst and Rosewood wand, delicately crafted, brimming with energy. We picked up books on Chakras, and read about meditation. My brother and I would sit cross-legged reading together, thumbing through rock books and dumping out our treasures to examine.

I also believe it was here, the seed was planted for all I was to become, to fulfill my true purpose someday.

I think we tend to underestimate the power that a single moment can have on our life. To some, it was just a little memory. But when I felt like I was losing it all, and I couldn’t for the life of me seem to find a direction, somewhere to plant my feet; I turned to my roots and tried undoing all that had been done since I first felt lost.

Like following a rope blindly through water to the shore, I traced my way back, through years of heartache and fear until I was looking at that fearless girl I once knew. Defiant scowl, blonde braid, dirty fingernails. The one who wasn’t afraid of anything. The one who was so sure of herself.

I decided then and there to just do the things that felt true to me. No matter how weird, or what someone might thing of me. I don’t care much for what people think of me, yet there are those select few, decided by some unknown criteria unbeknownst to me, who’s opinions seem to mean the most. I did it anyway.

The past is just memories, it holds no power and means nothing. I don’t live there, and I don’t try to recreate it. I’m thankful for those memories, and gratitude is all I have for the past. But I do believe these moments are tucked away in me, on a cellular level, and in moments of desperation, and in moments of deep integration, I can call upon these answers nested away in me. I have everything I need within me, all the answers, all the directions, and all the motivation.

Hoping and wishing for you, Dear Reader, to connect and find that Inner Child too.

sat nam


full moon in aquarius

full moon in aquarius

Tonight is the full moon in Aquarius, the last air sign, and also my Sun sign. It is an almost but not quite lunar eclipse in the Sun sign Leo. I haven’t really connected with any lunar forecasts I have read this time around, like I normally do. Instead I find myself a bit torn up, a bit on edge, a bit of everything all at once. Upon pulling a card it reads;


Archangel Haniel: You are extra-sensitive to energies and emotions right now. Honour yourself and your feelings.

My husband and I are bickering. We can’t seem to agree on nearly anything. Even if its a topic we can find common ground on, there always seems to be something we find to argue about.

And then there is the moon flow. Over 40 days late, worrying me every over due day, and at long last here it is, on the day of the Full Moon. I can’t help but possibly see that as my message this Full Moon. To some, this is too much information. And that annoys me. Why is this such taboo? Why are we so against menstruation. Why is it so hush hush? Why do we hate it so much?

It was a rhetorical question. I know why, mostly because I once felt the same as the rest of society. It was gross. It was uncomfortable. You just. don’t. talk. about. it.

But like nearly everything in my life I have changed my perspective. I no longer see it as an annoyance, I see it as a miracle. Throughout history, Aristotle, African, Hindu, and South American societies saw menstrual blood as the creator of mankind. That the Cosmos were created from the Great Mother. It is the fruit of the womb. It holds life and magick, even when poured on plants they bear fruit and flourish.

Thus we are all Goddesses, the great nurturers of Life. Not some creature that deserves to be chastised for this gift.

I’m not sure what the Full Moon holds for me, but it is always a time where I retreat into quiet contemplation. A time I respect myself and my needs. A time of self care. Tonight I shall sit in the moon and soak up all those beams. Light a fire as the sun sets and let go of what I must. Pull cards, smudge and sit quietly. My belly is adorned with coconut oil and clary sage, an essential oil especially useful for women. I will bathe in salts and oils and thank the Universe for all its gifts, even the ones I might not understand right now.

I will see myself as not just a woman but a WOMBan. A creator. A nurturer. A Goddess.

And I hope, my Sisters, you see yourself that way too.


sat nam




Today is my mother’s birthday. She’s 50 years old.

Half a century.

She likes to think its not a big deal, but I like to think otherwise.

Probably because of my own quarter century birthday coming up, it all seems kind of amazing, that we have seen so much yet so little of what will someday be a century.

Because she has seen half a century go by, she has offered her gifts to the world for fifty years. Birthed two babies; and accepted so many more as her own.

My mother has the heart of fifty people. It swells and expands and makes room for more when needed. She takes those who are lost and abandoned under her wing. Forever everyones mother.

She cooks more than whats needed, just in case. Buys for more than expected. She shares whats there and then some, duplicating what’s needed out of thin air.

So often she goes without, just to make sure everyone is comfortable. Truly a Goddess.

She works countless hours, days melting into the next. She’s successful. She’s impeccable with money. She’s a clever business woman. The things I hope someday rub off on me.

And every extra hour is dedicated to her grandchildren.

Growing up she loved us as we were, unconditionally. She accepted us as we came. She guided us as best as she could with what she knew. She nurtured our souls. She was always available. She always spoke to us, touched us, hugged us, taught us. She made me think, decide things for myself, made me recognize my faults, she taught me empathy.

She gave us kittens and bunnies and a dog. We took every rock home. She accepted every dandelion. I know her heart bled when she couldn’t give us something we desired.

She drank tea with me beneath the poplar, miniature tea pot, single serving porcelain tea cups. Homemade cookies. Listened to my preschool self ramble on and on.

She encouraged magic. The spirit of Christmas and Santa. She LIVES for Christmas, and that joy she has passed onto her children. We believed in Faeries. We believed in healing crystals, energy balls, and auras.

If I could be anyone, I’d love to be my mother. And if I can’t be her, then I hope I am at least as gentle as her.

She isn’t perfect, but she is the exact mother I always needed.

Happy Birthday Mum,


sat nam