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I have recently received a new product and I am dying to tell you all about it! It is called,

Bare Coconut Taboo Collection

It is a handmade product, designed and formulated by my friend Tiffany, fellow massage therapist and momma, right here in Canada! It is made with organic and raw ingredients and >1% preservatives (which is required when water is an ingredient)

My favourite part of these products is the care and love that has gone into making them. As a mom she wanted a product that was safe and free from chemicals and anything harmful for her sweet little girl. And thus started her journey into researching and creating what has become her new passion; Bare Coconut.

My second favourite part about these products is that they are infused with cannabis which has miraculous medicinal qualities. Cannabis can be used to treat a number of ailments and disorders, such a glaucoma, epilepsy and debilitating seizures, pain, autoimmune diseases, it is a respite from the side effects of chemotherapy, a treatment for PTSD and anxiety, and as more research is being done, a multitude of other things. I just love the thought of using such a powerful plant for healing!

I specifically ordered the Fresh For Her Deodorant, and the SOAK bath product; so I was surprised when I opened it up to see some testers of her other products and now I can tell you about them too.

You might be asking why natural products? It isn’t a new thing, using nature based beauty products or deodorants, but my reasoning is this; Conventional store purchased products contain a shit load of chemicals, and our skin is our biggest organ. Its purpose is to protect and detoxify and we are inhibiting its natural function by slathering ourselves with toxins. This is directly affecting our health, our lifespan and quality of life.

And why a natural deodorant? This is due to the level of toxins, parabens and phthalates that are in conventional deodorants. The aluminum levels are harmful to our long term health. These things can cause different types of cancer, have been linked to Alzheimer’s and get this, regular deodorant can actually make you stink more. The formula actually alters the bacteria and makes the smell worse than if you skipped it altogether or used a natural formula that still allows your to sweat.

So for the Deodorant, she sent me her newest formula and her original formula which is no longer available. The biggest difference that I can see off the hop is the new formula, (FRESH for Her) is darker in colour. It has a slightly different scent than the original, but I really like both. The FRESH version has lavender, rosemary, sage, thyme and peppermint, giving an earthy yet surprisingly fresh scent.   I found both were equally effective in preventing my STANK but the FRESH version did leave dark marks on light clothing, so I made sure to wear it with tanks or dark wash shirts only.

She notified me she is reformulating FRESH so the staining will no longer be an issue. I would re-purchase regardless. My experience with the product has been positive. I do reapply the deodorant if I have been busy in the hot sun or if I work out, but I would with the old fashioned stuff too so this is nothing new. I found it took a few days to get my body used to it, as if I had to detox the old stuff first before it worked to its full capacity. However, I don’t think this took even a week.

The other product I ordered was SOAK. The only downside is it made a mess in the tub and I would recommend showering after (its earthy brown and I have white towels) but I couldn’t believe how soft my skin was after my bath. Unreal. It has active cannabis and warns you could feel euphoric, but I did not feel “high.” I equate it to a lavender infused bath on steroids. I felt very very relaxed, ready for bed, but not foggy, drowsy or extremely happy. This is also being reformulated into bath bombs and I can’t wait. I saw a teaser pic and they look super rad!

She kindly sent me some testers and I have been using them like crazy. First she sent me MAGIK which has become like Frank’s Red Hot, I literally put that shit on everything. Cut? MAGIK. Bruise? MAGIK. Oh, you have a mosquito bite? MAGIK. Boyfriend broke your heart? MAGIK. It smells great, works amazing, and I feel is a necessity for any first aid kit.

My second favourite is her HEAT tester, which is beneficial for autoimmune flare ups, arthritis or pain. You can smell the ginger, cayenne and black peppers, juniper and it has that slight yellow colour from the turmeric. With my husband being a runner and weight lifter, I feel as if this will become his best friend. Also, as a massage therapist I would also use this for nearly all my clients!

Aside from these formulas Tiffany has other products ranging from beard conditioner, sun screen, massage oils, intimate lubricants, men’s deodorant, and a multitude of other salves and creams.

Click the link HERE to check out her shop.

Wishing you all good health and wellness,

sat nam


photos courtesy of Bare Coconut Taboo-

*this post is not sponsored, it is a reflection of my own opinion and experience.

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