so proud
for the first time, I actually got orchids to bloom again. 

each time I’d either figure I killed them, did, in fact kill them, or they just never bloomed again so I threw them out.. and kept buying them, because I loved them. i would enjoy them, feel sad as they died, and dispose. . .
this time I was persistent. 

it took a little research
a little (a lot) of patience
and some Love
and she’s blooming more than she did last year. I’ve counted nearly 20, and there might even be more. 

I can’t help but feel, maybe she’s mirroring all that’s to come to fruition in my life in the coming months. 

so i think I’ll use the same technique, a little bit of research, some patience and a lot of love, in order to weather what’s to come. 

sat nam

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