im sitting on my deck, sipping tea, listening to the birds sing and the children make a soup of some kind in the sandbox and reflecting on yesterday. 
yesterday was overwhelmingly hard. I was certain my kids were trying to end me. I didn’t bend, I broke. I gave up and crawled into my bed and cried and waited for the day to end. 
and when I walked through the yard last night after the children went to bed and saw that nearly all the blossoms were on the ground I reminded myself gently, the meaning of the Cherry Blossom; that, life is overwhelmingly beautiful, but it’s also overwhelmingly short. 
The hardships too. They’re moments in time and then they pass. And the feeling that hardships last longer than happiness is simply our perspective of it. And your perspective is a choice you make. 
I woke up this morning and set the intention of having ‘the best day ever.’ I’m hoping your day is too. 

sat nam

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