s p r i n g • e o s t r e
the time when light and dark are balanced. it’s a time to look around yourself and identify where there is imbalance in your life; whether in health, attitude, job, or hobby. 

spring is a time to put winter behind you, and celebrate the abundance in your life and all that is abundant around you. the patches of wildflowers, crocuses, and budding trees. birds laying eggs and other creatures waking up from a long nap. 

It is a time to rid yourself of clutter, both physically and energetically. It’s a time to begin again, to engage in action, and begin working towards all you dreamed up during the winter. 

So ask yourself, 

What have you outgrown? What do you wish to see blossom? 

Then put one foot in front of the other. One tiny action, after the other, 

And like a pebble in a pond, 

Make a wave~
and so it is,
Sat nam 

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