Getting Quiet

Getting Quiet

You might be wondering what “get quiet” means and how exactly to do that. It means to stop the mindless chatter in your head. The judgement, the nagging, the voice that criticizes you and everyone around you. Getting quiet means to separate yourself from this voice. Getting quiet means to be present in the moment without tuning in to that voice, which might be confusing because we typically believe this voice is ME, the narrator of our life. But it is not. This voice is the dysfunction of our true Self. The best way to “get quiet” or turn inward, is through breath, because when you focus on your breath you are immediately drawn into the present moment.


Give it a try. All you need is one minute of dedication, no time is wasted, all is beneficial. Set a timer, and focus on your breath. Is it wet or dry, in your belly or lungs? Focus on how you feel, come in to your body, by focusing on your fingers, toes, precisely how you’re sitting, everything your body is feeling in that moment. If your mind wanders, bring it back to your breathing. It is as simple as that.


This is how you connect with yourself, or connect within. And if you have been questioning your purpose, or how to be happy, this is a wonderful way to begin.


And if you question the notion that being present brings happiness, just think to the moments in your life where you have felt most alive. What were you doing? When do you have the most fun, or feel exhilarated? Is it when you are traveling, doing extreme sports, painting? What makes you so absorbed you forget you are hungry? These moments are when we are most present, and they make us feel alive because we have dedicated all of our being into doing that exact task. We remember it because we aren’t thinking of some menial task to do at the office, or the argument we had with our spouse. Can you imagine if you dedicated as much attention to snowboarding down a mountain, as we did gathering the mail, or groceries, how much more meaningful our lives would be? How much easier would it be to find what makes us happy, if we were always present and processing our life before our eyes, instead of tuning in to the mindless gossip that is our Ego.


Pick up your journal and see if you can pick out the events in your life that stand out most to you. Could you apply that same mindfulness to other areas of your life?



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