My New Years resolution this year was to “Get my Goddess Back.” 
For me this meant connecting in deeply with the Divine Feminine. Allowing myself pleasure and sensuality, in life, in my relationship, in bed, in food. To really love my body, and all it does for me. To connect with my moon cycle, womb space•Yoni magick✨ And to KNOW myself on this sacred level. As they did so long ago. 
Before the patriarch. Before we were told our menstrual cycles were shameful. Before when they were celebrated. 
Before men decided our thighs should be small and our breasts should be large. Or that our bodies should look a certain way and anything else was unacceptable. 
Before, when women’s blossoming pregnant bodies were considered sacred. Magic. This act of watching a body teeming with life grow before your eyes. 
Before, when SHE was worshipped and loved and cared for- for her strength, her ability to nurture, to give life and sustain life with Bosom Nectar. 
And then considered the Wise One, when her flow did cease. The Crone. 
And why? Because on January 1 the whisper I had heard since long ago got to a cacophonous roar; I could ignore it no more. Because I see my beautiful, sweet, daughter, and my stomach churns at the thought of someone shaming her, as I have been shamed. 
Because I want her to see herself as more than just beautiful- I want her to see herself as POWERFUL. And DIVINE. As the force of nature that she is. The creator, the artist, the mover of mountains. To be so deeply connected to her body and intuition, so that nothing shakes her. 
So this might just be a statue. But it is so much more. It’s a reminder we will see, on our altar each day, of the power that resides within us. That there are a thousand thousand women behind us, who lost their voices and lost their lives just because of what lies between their thighs. A reminder that we are not alone, and that we will reclaim; we will Get our Goddess Back. 

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